Apr 092015
We Had Fun, and I Have Pictures

The weekend before last my parents took us out of town to see the kids’ cousins. We all had an amazing time. It was exactly  the kind of weekend I used to carefully document in photo-filled blog posts. Wanna see? For me, the highlight of the trip was probably the zoo. Of course, we also had a great time just lounging around the hotel and visiting Focus on the Family, but the zoo isn’t free…which makes […]

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Apr 062015
Win a FREE Digiland Tablet!

Hopefully by now you’ve stopped by my new Crash Course in Creativity classroom. Launching a business is hard work, and those who are around to support that work deserve some extra special attention, I think. I knew I wanted to host a giveaway to reward one of our first “fans” or “followers,” but I wanted the prize to be as educational as it was fun. One of our favorite things this home-school year has been […]

Mar 242015
A FREE Crash Course in Creativity

I began tutoring homeschoolers in creative writing when I, myself, was only a few months out of high school. My high school experience had been incredible, educationally speaking, and I wanted everyone to have what I’d had. I’d entered my sophomore year with the desire to be a writer, but I graduated high school with the confidence to actually be one. Of course, through college classes and independent study I grew (and still grow) beyond […]

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Nov 042014
Stop Telling Me That God is Good

I don’t blog like I used to, and I’m truly grateful to those of you who still humor my occasional tirades and gabfests by stopping in from time-to-time. Some of you may not know it, but in its heyday this blog was decently well-read. Back when I was the eloquent wife of a redeemed philanderer, my inbox was filled to the brim. I don’t think I ever caught up (I just wrote a book). We–my […]

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Oct 272014
Why The Grass Isn't Going to Be Greener

God, YHVH, divorced His own Bride, Israel (though He also made a way to bring her back). Instead of reiterating the fact in every point of this post, I’ve decided to get it out of the way right now: There are valid reasons for divorce. I’d argue that the following reasons are the invalid ones. 1. You’re tired of being taken for granted.   Feeling unappreciated, whether in big ways or small ways, isn’t fun. It’s easy […]

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Oct 192014

Remember how hard it was for me to leave the mountains–how I pined over the beauty and clung to my little trailer like the security blanket that it was? No? Well, to be honest, I really can’t remember what I blogged back about a year ago, and I don’t feel like looking it up. Anyway, as it turned out, it was equally as hard for me (harder) to leave Missouri. And no, I have yet […]

 October 19, 2014  Blogging & Writing 1 Response »
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