Apr 152014
Happy Passover!

Passover is when YHVH says, “Some bad stuff has happened to you. Some really bad stuff. But I’m declaring this day a FRESH START. It’s the beginning of your year and of a new life of freedom. Put my blood on your heart and follow me outta here. Let’s go, child, let’s go!!”  Exodus 12: The Lord said to Moses and Aaron in Egypt, “This month is to be for you the first month, the first month [...]

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Apr 092014
A Meteor Shower

One day in a land called Loliville the big blue sky shined so bright that the sun could not be seen in the midst of it. A boy named Jack and a girl named Lydia wanted to see what had happened to light the sky so brightly. Late that night Jack and Lydia sneaked out of the town to investigate. Loliville was a very safe town, but outside the town there was danger. Jack and [...]

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Apr 062014
It's My Night

It’s Saturday, and Saturday is my night. It’s a short night because we don’t get home from church until pretty late. But it’s my night, and I love it. Each of my children get a night, every week, where they stay up later than the others so we can talk about their lives. As a homeschool mom who has just survived a long winter inside with my children, you’d think I’d know all about their [...]

Apr 032014
A Story About a Fish

Once upon a time, there was a boy and a mom. The boy said, “I see a sea, and there are fish in it! I think we can go fishing  some day,” the boy said. “Maybe we can,”  said the mom.  And one day they did. They fished and fished and they finally caught a ginormous fish. When they went  to get  some more bait, the fish got away.  When they  came back they saw [...]

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Apr 032014
Where Homeschooling Meets Blogging

I was without a computer for about six weeks (can’t. stop. twitching.), but now we’re back with the surprise I’ve been promising the kids ever since I looked up one Shabbat evening to see this:               They love to write. And I love to encourage them in any non media related passion. So they’ll be here, with me. This blog is about to get a lot more interesting. I’ve told them [...]

Feb 052014
A House in the Middle of Nowhere

It’s sad how long it is taking me to finish a blog post nowadays. I’m simultaneously working on three separate children’s books (I would not recommend this writing method) and preparing my children to join me as Kingdom Twindom authors (I cannot possibly describe to you how thrilled they are about this). It’s a good thing my mom is such a gracious well…everything. Living with parents as an adult isn’t easy, but I’m not going [...]

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Jan 312014
Widows Who Raise Kings

Though it’s the oddest question one might pose to a single woman, women want to know how to get their husbands to lead. “When is my husband going to become the head of our home? When is he going to study Scripture? When is he going to teach us? Time is passing…the kids are growing up! Is this ever going to happen?!” This is my answer to that. Godly women are constantly reminded by well-meaning [...]

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