Meet the Kingdom


ktsophieMiss S (a.k.a. Tiny Dancer) is our nine year old teenager. She loves pink, and she longs for high fashion. She doesn’t consider herself a nature girl, but she secretly dreams of a flower garden. Miss S spends her days helping mom, reading poetry, writing stories and songs, and practicing her guitar. She dreams of travelling the world and singing songs about her Savior.








ktmaddie (3)Though shy and girly to the core of her being, nine year old Miss M (a.k.a. Cuddle Bug) is the closest thing we have to a Tom Boy. Our dirt-loving, worm-finding, lizard-catching, hook-baiting, all-things-great-and-small-loving princess has a smile that lights up the world. She’s happily found her place as the second born, and she is fiercely loyal to her friends and family.








ktgraham (2)Our first born boy, seven year old Mr. G (a.k.a. Lil Prince) is a rescuer of damsels, a slayer of dragons, and a dreamer of daydreams. He loves math and phonics and one-on-one talking time with Mom. Mr. G looks forward to marrying a woman with a beautiful heart and raising children who love the Lord–and he plans to live next door to Mom when he grows up.








ktcammie (2)Seven year old Miss C (a.k.a. Bay Bit) is always moving. She dances, skips, and bebops through life to the songs she sings at the top of her lungs. As serious as she is silly, Miss C is studious and hard working, and she is determined to carry her own with her older sisters (and she does so very well). She loves writing stories, drawing pictures, and changing her clothes to suit her mood.








ktpatton (3)Mr. P (a.k.a. Baby Bear) is our rambunctious, sensitive, hot-tempered, quick-thinking last born slaying dragons alongside his brother. While he’s no longer a baby, he’s happy to be the youngest and to claim any privileges that title entails. He loves superheros and ninjas, and he eats bowls and bowls of spinach in hopes of protecting his mom and sisters from the evils of the world.

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  1. Children, (5 total) including twins are a blessing from YHWH, our twins (youngest) are 19 yrs old, cherish the years! :o)

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