Mar 272013

*Or, the great leaven purge of 2013.

Happy Passover, all! More photos coming soon!

022 (1024x683)

060 (1024x683)

Can you find the leaven in the last picture?!

011 (1024x683)

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Kingdom Mama

Kingdom Mama

Sarah Valente is a Torah following, whole Bible believing, follower of Yeshua and the founder of Whatever is Lovely Publications.
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 March 27, 2013  Christian Roots

  3 Responses to “Bedikat Chametz!”

  1. I don’t know what leaven looks like but I do see pickled ginger, the same coconut milk we use, and one of my favorite salad dressings. 🙂 And seeing the pickled ginger makes me want sushi. Is sushi an acceptable Passover food?

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