May 042017

How long has it been? Too long! It seems like a million years since this was the place I came every morning. I still enjoy going over old posts and especially looking at pictures. I often think about closing down this blog completely, since I’ve mostly moved on to other projects, but I just can’t quite bring myself to do it. Everything we shared in the years I spent here is precious to me, and I hope my words are still a blessing to some of you. I like being able to check in from time to time.

I came here today because I want to let you know about a couple of life-changing events:

First, I’m pregnant! Well, I might not be by the time you read this. I’m currently 38 weeks and 3 days pregnant with our 6th blessing. Brian (aka Papa Bear) and I have been officially back together for over a year, and the year before that was spent slowly reconnecting. It’s a story I might tell someday. Maybe. Maybe not. Just know that we are thrilled with everything God has done in our lives (both apart and together), and though we might not be willing to be as public as we once were, we still hope to be a blessing to you.

(Which brings me to my second announcement.)

We just launched a new book and website!

KID Headquarters


I hope you’ll visit and have a look around. It’s a project that was conceived almost two years ago…


Click to continue reading.

(Click above to continue reading.)


If you’d like to follow our new project, and we hope you will, please like and share our Facebook page.

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Aug 042016

Oh, man it’s been a long time since I’ve sat down to type here! I still imagine that this is a place I’ll come back to regularly…someday. For now, I’m busy writing and publishing here. It’s a good life here in the mountains with our five kids, two goats, two dogs, etc. Brian (aka Papa Bear) and I have been back together for a while now, and I’ve never been happier in my life–which is weird, because I thought I was rocking the whole single mom thing. Someday I’ll have more to say about all of that, but right now I just have five minutes before I need to pack for a weekend away.

I’m checking in today to tell you about a new project that I’m absolutely thrilled about. I wrote the text over two years ago (shortly after writing this post), and my lovely and jaw-droppingly creative illustrator finished up just last month. I can say that it’s brilliantly done since I’m not the only person involved it its creation!

read this


I’ve spent the past week working on two video projects that are meant to be used with the book. Check them out!

Visit the book site for more information.


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Oct 192014
  • Remember how hard it was for me to leave the mountains–how I pined over the beauty and clung to my little trailer like the security blanket that it was? No? Well, to be honest, I really can’t remember what I blogged back about a year ago, and I don’t feel like looking it up. Anyway, as it turned out, it was equally as hard for me (harder) to leave Missouri. And no, I have yet to miss the humidity, the mold, the fleas, the ticks, the definite possibility of snakes… I do, however, truly miss the people. I also miss the twelve acres of paradise (tick ridden paradise, but still paradise) we had found ourselves living on. But I’m back here, now…and in a beautiful house that I’ll blog more about later. Stay tuned for many pictures of snow.


  • For those of you who follow the Torah Cycle, we’ve passed Simchat Torah, and I’ve just posted the children’s lesson plan for the year’s second Torah Portion. Click the Torah Portions link at the top of the page; it will take you here. I’ve included ideas for children’s ministry administration, just in case anyone might be looking for ideas for their new congregation or home fellowship. It’s the format I’ll follow if I can ever get people to come to my house. Sigh.


  • Did you all have a happy Sukkot? Do you celebrate Sukkot? The kids and I made a [purely decorative] sukkah in our yard (out of scrap wood, twine, and branches). Our second try actually stayed standing (for three days). We also had a more practical sukkah on our porch, but it was a very cold week and we spent most of our time inside. We spent that time singing carols, making edible sukkahs, talking about the birth of Yeshua, talking about the second coming of Yeshua, and eating just a little too much (I think I gained ten pounds which I now have to lose so that I can gain them again during Hanukkah).


  • My fabulous illustrator is working on a project that I’m super thrilled about. Oh, OK, I’ll tell you. It’s a children’s book based on the ideas in this post. I’m working on a little promo video, and I really could use your help. All I need is your beautiful face! If you’d be willing to pose by your children (or not, if they’re not interested) and hold a sign, then please have someone standing near to snap the shot. On the sign, I need the word/phrase that answers this question: What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of having the “sex talk” with your kids? E-mail me the photo, and I’ll e-mail you back a giant hug!


  • That’s it for now. It felt weird leaving this little scrapbook hanging without an official ending. More soon.





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Aug 172014

Well, we’ve done it. We’ve written our first children’s book! When I say we, I most definitely mean we. This book was a family affair in every sense of the word. The entire book was illustrated by my phenomenally talented children (under the direction of my amazing mom).


The cast of Kingdom Twindom got a name change: meet Lily, Lola, Luke, Laura, and Landon. But the adventures are the same! The next two books are in the works, and we’re sure to find time to write and illustrate from our cozy new home in the mountains.

Yep, I said the mountains. We’re headed home. Of course, if you follow me on Facebook this is already old news. But oh, new tidbit, the chickens are coming, too! The Beverly Hillbillies have nothing on us.

It’s a bittersweet move, and we will miss our church family dearly. I’ll blog the story, and the move, soon. For now…buy the  book and help us live more adventures!



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Jul 152014

It’s FREE again!!!! Get your free copy through 7/19/2014!

31 Days to Lovely is an introspective look at the biblical requirement to forgive. In this beautiful and easy-to-read month-long journey, Sarah encourages the Christian woman to release her hurts and bitterness by more fully embracing the beauty of her salvation—to dwell on those things that are lovely, and to allow her thoughts to change her life. This book is for anyone who is struggling with unforgiveness or trudging through anger and pain. Through the Word of God, her own testimony, and the experiences of her blog readers, 31 Days to Lovely reveals the power we have in Christ to lay down those issues we’ve carried for far too long.

Get your copy today: click here!


“Beauty of the Lord” by Jared Anderson, “Where Faith Comes From”



Apr 032014

I was without a computer for about six weeks (can’t. stop. twitching.), but now we’re back with the surprise I’ve been promising the kids ever since I looked up one Shabbat evening to see this:

079 083








They love to write. And I love to encourage them in any non media related passion.

So they’ll be here, with me. This blog is about to get a lot more interesting. I’ve told them they are free to share their silly stories, their serious thoughts, their dreams, their drawings…maybe even a video from time to time. I hope that you’ll be blessed!

From all of us at Kingdom Twindom!


Apr 032013

If you’ve hopped over from my interview with Paul Nison, welcome! I’m so glad to have you! Have a look around, feel free to contact me, and please grab a copy of Renee’s book while you’re here:

Everything Old is New Again: A Jewish Midwife’s Look into Pregnancy and the Feasts of Israel

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