Jan 242014
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Holiness

It’s been about six months since we packed up the truck with just an inkling of what we were doing…with only a general idea of where we were going. I left my couch. I left my living room chair. I left the kids’ squeaky bunk beds and my washer and dryer. They wouldn’t fit in the truck, and anything superfluous simply had  to stay behind. A few evenings before, we’d dragged the red wagon down [...]

Jan 222014
The Hardest Number of Children is...

What’s the hardest number of children? Have you seen this topic, lately? After watching it run across my Facebook newsfeed a few times in as many months, I’ve started to ponder the question. What is the most difficult number of children? And, more importantly, why would someone even think to ask that? The short answer, I think, is: “However many you think it is–that’s the most difficult number.” I chortle a bit at those bloggers [...]

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Dec 312013
Oh, Yeah, We Moved to Missouri

Sometime in late August I stood on the bank of a pond, and I held a fishing pole. Beside me stood my least outdoorsy daughter. I’d just hooked and lost a bluegill, and I wasn’t messing around. It was hot out, and I wanted to go inside with more than one scrawny fish on the line. “Mom!” she yelled, and I shushed her. “What is it?” I whispered back. “Look at my face!” she cried. [...]

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Dec 242013

I was scrubbing dishes in the kitchen. I don’t like scrubbing dishes; bad things happen when I’m occupied with suds and my mind melts into the warm water. She pattered up behind me, and I could tell that she had news. I tell my children to come to me about anything–that they should come to me about anything. When they have ought against their brother, I point them toward forgiveness. I also teach them to [...]

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Dec 182013
Stretched, but Not Broken

Last night I warned my daughter that time moves quickly…so quickly…for grown-ups. Of course, she whined about that being unfair — because life moves so slowly for children. If I close my eyes tightly, and breathe in deeply, I can see and smell 2012. Two-thousand thirteen is still paper thin, and I could reach through and touch the past if I tried to — maybe. There are seasons in our lives when someone rips the [...]

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Oct 172013
The Truth Behind the Photos

It’s fall. I’ve been waiting for this: for the crunch of leaves and the smell of fresh pears served with caramel and cream. As you can see from this photo proof, the kids love fall as much as I do. Actually, they really do…enough that they don’t mind me dressing them up and making them pose for fall pictures. **Doesn’t look like the mountains of New Mexico? It’s not. We’ve moved. More on that soon!

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Sep 152013

I’ve had very little time for blogging, lately. Those of you who follow my personal blog have probably noticed this. Since my day for blogging here is Sunday, it’s become a habit of mine to come home from Shabbat service, put the kids to bed, make coffee, and sit down to blog my only post for the week. It’s 1:56 a.m. and I’m just sitting down to write. I’m saying that to excuse the fact [...]

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