Jul 082014
Wilderness Fast: Day One

Toward the end of last winter, maybe the beginning of spring, I felt the Father calling me to something a little challenging. But my life was already challenging. I dismissed it as a dumb idea. Have any of you ever done that? As time ticked on, though, the feeling continually nagged me. Then I began reading the Little House series to the kids, and the nagging of that still, small voice grew to something I just couldn’t shake. [...]

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Jun 292014
A Bowl of Cherries

I may have spent half of my life in the mountains, but I was still born in the city. What’s left of the city-girl in me still assumes that every plant and berry is poisonous–highly. We’ve eaten dandelions for quite a few years now, but besides that and wild mint and mullein tea, we’ve steered clear of everything else. So, this year has been really fun. I’m definitely a foraging newbie, but thanks to Google [...]

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Jun 232014
How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex

I feel it’s important that I begin this post with a caveat: This is written to Believers. If you do not believe in the Bible as the final authority on…everything, reading this may make you irrationally angry. And that’s fine, but you’ve been warned. Additionally, many healthy and happy adults have made it successfully to adulthood without having a proper “sex talk” with their parents. I feel it’s necessary to say that because this type [...]

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Jun 162014
Dandelion Tea: A How-to

A few days ago I declared a tea-making day. It was right in the middle of a school week; but it was a cool, misty, glorious day that I couldn’t stand wasting from inside. It was a day for yard work, really, but all the necessary yard work was done. So we sat out to dig up some prize-sized dandelions and dry them for dandelion tea. By afternoon the weather was cooler, but we were [...]

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Jun 112014

I walked into the laundry room carrying an armful of sheets just as he entered the adjoining bathroom. He was laughing to himself over something he’d just said, and he giggled out a, “Mommy, aren’t I funny?” “Nah,” I kidded with a grin on my face…only he couldn’t see my face. The bathroom door shut about the time I stuffed the first sheet into the washer. Faintly, over the running water, I heard him burst [...]

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May 232014
The Big Smiles

Today I ate a long, leisurely lunch. Yes, I feel this is blog-worthy. I have no photo evidence of this lunch, or of my lovely, adult-luncheoning friend, because I ditched my cell-phone again about two years ago. I rarely take “the real camera” out unless I’m expecting some big-photo moments. When big-photo moments actually happen, I rarely think to snap a picture. It’s a conundrum I’m hoping to solve rather quickly, as I fear my [...]

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May 172014

{The original post was written in the summer of 2009. The bold text is new. Most of the advice is for me.}   If you’re afraid, don’t be. One of the most often repeated commandments in Scripture is “Fear not!” That doesn’t help? He knows it’s hard…that’s why He repeats Himself so often! If you’ve ever “lost it” with your kids, repent and start over. And confess your failures to your bothers and sisters so they [...]

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