Jul 132014
Wilderness Fast: Day Six

Yesterday was Shabbat. I don’t have much to report except that we rested according to the commandment. I picked a light meal from the garden, and I topped it with oil and herbs and leftover roasted rutabagas. On Friday before sunset I’d gone fishing with my oldest boy. We just spent a few minutes by the pond. “Mom, do you think we’ll catch something tonight?” “I don’t know. I guess that depends on whether the [...]

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Jul 122014

I just realized that I don’t have any photos from yesterday. I did eat, but the day didn’t go as planned. I set my alarm for six in the morning so I could get up and catch enough fish to last me through Shabbat. Then around midnight (I was still up working) I heard moaning from downstairs. Miss M couldn’t sleep; she was stuffy and suffering from an earache. I dragged her upstairs and into [...]

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Jul 112014
Wilderness Fast: Day Four

No fish. Again. I know there are still fish in that pond, because they keep nibbling and chomping…we hooked and began to reel in three different ones yesterday (or the same one three times), but we didn’t drag any of them to shore. We did hit a motherload of chanterelles! I like to have something “meaty” with dinner…and mushrooms work great for that. I sat by the pond and shelled hickory nut after hickory nut, [...]

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Jul 102014
Wilderness Fast: Day Three

Yesterday I was hungry…and cranky. Day two was breezy, but day three kicked me around a little bit. That is, it kicked me around until I sat with a cup of black walnut tea and munched on a big pile of hickory nuts (which takes quite a while to do, they are incredibly hard to shell). It’s absolutely amazing how little food I’m needing to feel full this week. Normally, I can eat. It’s a [...]

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Jul 092014
Wilderness Fast: Day Two

Today I hiked through the woods with Miss S. We were specifically looking for mayapples, but it seems that as soon as they’re ripe they are immediately snatched by choosy critters. Mayapples are poisonous when they’re green (the seeds are always poisonous), so unless I’m willing to camp out next to the last remaining green ones (I’m not), I may not taste a mayapple this year. Oh well. We did enjoy a few black raspberries [...]

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Jul 082014
Wilderness Fast: Day One

Toward the end of last winter, maybe the beginning of spring, I felt the Father calling me to something a little challenging. But my life was already challenging. I dismissed it as a dumb idea. Have any of you ever done that? As time ticked on, though, the feeling continually nagged me. Then I began reading the Little House series to the kids, and the nagging of that still, small voice grew to something I just couldn’t shake. [...]

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Jun 292014
A Bowl of Cherries

I may have spent half of my life in the mountains, but I was still born in the city. What’s left of the city-girl in me still assumes that every plant and berry is poisonous–highly. We’ve eaten dandelions for quite a few years now, but besides that and wild mint and mullein tea, we’ve steered clear of everything else. So, this year has been really fun. I’m definitely a foraging newbie, but thanks to Google [...]

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